Theology Today Archives

Below are the archives for the now defunct Theology Today program. To listen to the program from the site please click the link provided below. To save this program to your portable listening device please right click the link below and select “save as”.



Episode 2

the different gospel of full preterism

Episode 3

todd bentley explains himself1

Episode 4

4 steps to confronting private sin

Episode 5

burn baby burn

Episode 6

of first importance

Episode 7

open air preaching

Episode 8

house divided review

Episode 9

the sound of crickets

Episode 10

aletheia is it true

Episode 11

the fruits of perry noble

Episode 12

lessons learned

Episode 13


Episode 14

the bodily resurrection of the believer

Episode 15

the proper use of the gift of tongues

Episode 16

hyper preterism theology on steroids

Episode 17

Exposing the Fantasy and Fiction of Roderick Edwards Facts

Episode 18

Battles and Blessings

Episode 19

Warren Piper and the Bloggers That Hate Them

Episode 20

Dr. Ergun Caner Has Some Explaining To Do

Episode 21

Ken Silva Has No Discernment

Episode 22

An Interview With Elder Keith Brown of the CTMI Concerned Parents Group1

Episode 23

Interview with Reverend Sean Semple

Episode 24

Interview with Howard Silk

Episode 25

Final Thoughts on Dr. Ergun Caner

Episode 26

The Battling Blog


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